Growing Up

You know what they say about childhood and how that’s the period one enjoys the most, little or no work to do, you get what you want most times, have toys and games and just live the life. There is so much similarity between this phase in the physical and also when it comes to things of the spirit too. Now let me explain what I mean. When I was much younger (It’s not like I’m old o lol), when I sleep off in the sitting room during night devotion, I’ll wake up the next morning in my room. When I sleep hungry, the next thing I’ll know is someone is waking me up with food to eat. And one I’ll never forget is after jumping around all weekend and not making my hair for the next week, my mum will weave my hair for me Sunday night after I had slept such that when I wake up Monday morning, my hair was made. She did this a couple of times and I seemed to take it for granted, I’ll let the weekend run by without doing anything to my hair. As I grew up, things changed, dad would ask me to arrange my untidy room I shared with my twin brother, mum would give me a stool and ask me to stand on it so I could be tall enough to wash the dirty plates in the sink. Then it might have seemed like a big task but the then ‘big task’ was all part of the growing up process.

As I grew, responsibilities increased too. No one carried me to my room anymore, I’ll wake up the next morning and find myself in the sitting room or occasionally I’ll wake up in the night and find my square root. If I slept hungry, I was on my own because I was most likely warned before I slept and the worst of all was when I had to go to school on a Monday morning with my hair woven into three large chunks with white thread. Yes o, it happened. Over the weekend, my mum had told me to go and make my hair but I didn’t answer, I thought to myself, “she’ll make it for me when I sleep on Sunday night”. To my utmost surprise, I woke up and my hair was not made. Then she chose to have ‘mercy’ on me and did something that made me look like a masquerade. That was the last time I turned deaf ears to her instructions as regards making my hair.

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In the kingdom of God, we are not all of the same level of maturity. Some have attained significant heights of maturity while some are just beginning. Whatever your stand is, it is  importance to know and understand that there is a need to keep growing. The moment you stop yearning for more of God, you start losing spiritual height previously gained. It’s just like a pressing iron, the moment it is turned off, it begins to cool down, the effect may not be obvious immediately but believe me as long as it remains switched off, it’s of no use to its owner.

            Gaining spiritual maturity is not bread and butter. No one ever said it was a bed of roses, it involves God pruning us, chastising us when we err and saddling us with responsibilities that help us grow. It entails us having an unquenchable thirst for more of God. Just as food is vital for growth in the physical so also is the Word of God for our spiritual maturity. Let’s begin to see God as the Heavenly Father that He is, let’s yearn for more as sons, let’s embrace His chastisement and eagerly carry out every task committed to us. If you are still at the same level of spiritual growth you were when you gave your life to Christ, this should strike a cord in your heart and birth a desire for more!

            The most amazing thing is that of all the things He created, you are His most prized possession. He loves you and wants that communion more than you can ever know. He is the One that puts the desire for Him in your heart. So what are you waiting for? Your Father is waiting. Begin to enjoy fellowship with Him and grow in grace. God bless

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Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye 

Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye

Emmanuela is a trained Medical Doctor and a seasoned writer. She expresses God's love on a daily basis through the simplest situations that surround her.

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