Burning Coles 7

When they got home, Seyi had prepared lunch. She opened the gate and welcomed them as Mrs Cole drove into the compound.

“How was your day, mummy?” She helped her mum carry her handbag and laptop bag.

“It was good, thanks. How are you?” She unhooked her seatbelt and came down from the car.

Bayo and Bolu were already out and on their way into the house.

“I’m fine.” Seyi hung the bags on her two shoulders.

“What did you cook?” Mrs Cole locked the car and followed Seyi behind as they went into the house.

Eba and Okra” She dropped the bags in the sitting room. “Are you ready to eat now?” she asked her mum.

“I’ll eat later but I’m sure your siblings are starving.” Mrs Cole threw her body on the couch and removed her shoes and jacket. “Please turn on the fan, I’m feeling hot” she told Seyi.

“Okay ma” she turned it on then went to the kitchen to serve her siblings” food.

Bayo had already gone to the kitchen to see what his sister cooked. He was happy when he saw the pot of soup and the warmer containing hot eba. He quickly ran to his room to change out of his uniform into a homely cloth. Bolu did the same. Their mother had made a rule “No eating in Uniform.”

Mrs. Cole raised her voice and asked Seyi, who was in the kitchen dishing out the food for herself and her siblings, “Has your dad come back?”

“No ma” Seyi replied.

Mrs. Cole wasn’t surprised. Most times, he went straight to the bar from work and didn’t return home till late at night. However, occasionally, he came straight home. The children barely knew their father because he was hardly ever around and whenever he was, they weren’t free with him. They preferred his absence. Their mother had filled the void as much as she could.

Mrs. Cole stood up, took her bags and went into her room. She felt tired, needed to rest and get the day’s stress which was largely emotional off her shoulders.

Bayo and Bolu collected their food from Seyi in the kitchen and went to the dining table where Seyi joined them. She had waited for them to return before eating.

“So did you see that your friend today?” She asked Bayo.

“Which one?” Bayo asked as he devoured the food like a hungry lion.

“The one whose sister is Goke’s girlfriend.” Seyi couldn’t remember her name.

“Yes I saw her, why?” Bayo wondered how that was of any importance to Seyi.

“Nothing, just asking” she continued eating. After a minute, she asked, “Did she say anything about her sister or Goke?” She hoped she didn’t appear too nosy.

“Yeah, she said he told her sister that he wasn’t feeling well throughout yesterday and so they could not hang out. They spoke last night and I think he is now better” Bayo was more interested in his food than the summary he gave.

“Hmm.. interesting. He wasn’t feeling fine?” Seyi looked straight into space, her fork toying with her food. “It’s that sickness that will kill him.” She hissed.

Bayo and Bolu immediately turned to her, surprised.

“Ha, sister Seyi! Why will you say that?” Bayo asked.

“If you like your friend or her sister, better tell them that that idiot is a cheat. He wasn’t sick yesterday.” Seyi told Bayo point blank pointing her fork at him.

“How did you know? Bayo asked. He had now paused his meal and was more interested in what was going on.

   Seyi didn’t want to expose her secrets about how she didn’t go to Sope’s house the day before and how she had had a crush on Goke. “He was with my friend yesterday. He even asked her out.” She hid her identity by adding a twist to the story and using a lie to cover up.

“Ha!” Bayo exclaimed. “Siju has to hear this.” He resumed his food. He was in a hurry to finish eating and call Sijuade. He’d have done so right away if his phone had been with him. He was charging it in his room.

“Sister Seyi, what that man did is not good o.” Bolu said as she struggled to finish her food.

“That is why you have to be very careful of boys.” Seyi said still looking straight in space then turned to Bolu who was sitting to her right. “They are a wicked species.”

“It’s not true jo; it’s not all guys. I’m not wicked.” Bayo argued as he took a bite of his meat.

“What do you know? You are still a small boy.” Seyi was convinced all guy were the same- evil.

“That’s why mummy said we should not have boyfriends.” Bolu innocently pointed out.

Seyi became defensive, “Who is talking about having boyfriend now? We are saying guys are wicked; you are talking about not having boyfriend. That’s why we don’t like saying adult gist in front of you.” She eyed her sister and hissed.

“I’m sorry” Bolu apologized.

Seyi felt guilty. She knew her reaction was uncalled for and that there was truth in what Bolu said. “I didn’t mean to sound harsh. I’m sorry too.” Seyi apologized.

Bolu smiled. Her smile was so innocent. “Please I can’t finish my food,” she opened up. She had been struggling since.

“I want! I want!” Bayo joyously rushed at it.

“I want my meat,” Bolu removed the meat and tossed the half finished plate of food to him.

“Thank you,” he poured the food into his plate then returned the empty plate to Bolu who put her meat back and took her time to enjoy every bit of it.

Seyi took her plate to the kitchen, washed it and came back out. “You guys should wash your plates o, no dirty plate please. I’m not your house girl.” She told them then went to her room.

Bayo finished his food, washed his plate and went to his room. He turned on the fan to cool his sweaty body then picked his phone and dialled Sijuade’s number.

She picked on the third ring.

“Hello Siju, how are you?”

“I’m okay, you?”

“I’m good too. You won’t believe what I just heard.” His eyes widened with excitement, ready to share the information he had just had with Seyi.

“What?” There was anticipation in her voice.

“It is Goke o,” he paused.

“What about him?”

“My sister said he is a cheat.” He lay down on his bed, getting a more comfortable position.

“Really? Why did she say so?”

“She said he was with her friend yesterday and even asked her out. You were right Siju, the guy isn’t a good guy.” Bayo confirmed.

“You know I said it? I just was never comfortable about him.” She told him.

“Yeah, you did.” He agreed with her.

“Thank You Holy Spirit.” She said under her breath.

“Bayo heard her but didn’t say anything. He had always felt she was a bit extreme with her Christianity. He was a Christian too but didn’t make everything about God or the Holy Spirit the way she did.

“I pray God will give me wisdom to know how to tell my sister. I know God who has started this will perfect it in Jesus name.” She said and waited for Bayo to say “Amen”. When she got no response, she asked, “Hello, Bayo are you still there?”

“Yes I am”

“Thanks for the info; see you tomorrow.” She wrapped up the call.

“Alright, bye” Bayo ended the call. He didn’t understand what just happened. He knew he was meant to say “Amen” to Sijuade’s prayer yet there was something in him that made him feel too big to stoop low to say “Amen”. He just didn’t think everything had to revolve around God or end up in prayer or something spiritual. Couldn’t he just gist with her normally without her bringing up something spiritual? The thought pissed him and made him upset. He decided to watch a video on YouTube to take his mind of it.

He went to his saved videos which were 90 percent pornography, with the remaining 10% shared amongst football clips, funny videos, and music videos. He clicked on the first one. He had been introduced to masturbation and watching of pornographic videos by his uncle, Gboyega a month ago, the very same period he tried to molest Bolu. Unknown to anyone, Bolu wasn’t the only victim of their uncle’s notorious lifestyle, Bayo equally was.

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Unlike Bolu however, there was no one to intervene and save Bayo that fateful day. Their uncle’s one week visit left Bayo an entirely different person- a prisoner to porn and masturbation. Gboyega slept in Bayo’s room and every night, he will hear his uncle making sounds and watching something on his laptop. His uncle would sit on a chair backing the bed and put the laptop on a stool in front of him. Bayo was always too scared to look and had to always force himself to sleep.

The night before his departure, like an angel of doom sent to destroy the lives of the innocent children, he tapped Bayo who had already succeeded in forcing himself to sleep.

Bayo woke up, wondering what his uncle wanted from him.

Gboyega put his index finger on his mouth, ‘shhhhh’ he hushed him and signaled for him to get up that he wanted to show him something.

Bayo sat up and watched as his uncle turned on his laptop and played a pornographic video for him to watch.

He initially resisted, “Uncle I don’t want to watch,” he shook his head and shut his eyes.

“Shut up and open your eyes, my friend.” Gboyega said in a hushed tone. “Do you think I’ll show you a bad thing? I’m your uncle, trust me.” He was very manipulative.

Bayo innocently believed him and opened his eyes to watch it. Something in him knew it wasn’t right but because his uncle had told him it wasn’t bad and no one else had mentioned anything to him about pornography being a sin, he struggled with his conscience and continued watching.

“See, Bayo you are old enough to know these things.” Gboyega told him. “Your parents will not tell you; no one will teach you. At this age, your body will start experiencing some changes which are absolutely normal. You might notice you feel attracted to the opposite sex. That too is normal. As you watch this naked people, you may feel somehow in your body, don’t resist it, instead put your hand into your boxer and fondle with your private part. That is the way to enjoy it. Like I said it is normal and nobody will teach you these things. Do you understand?” He asked him.

Bayo nodded, too dumbfounded to speak.

That was it! The deed was done. The agent of darkness had sown the seed. That was how it all began. Bayo had not been able to stop since that night. He watched and saved different videos on YouTube. Every opportunity he got he’d lock himself up and masturbate. Not a single soul knew about it until the previous day when Bolu accidentally stumbled on him in the act. Just as his uncle made him see it, it didn’t appear wrong to him. He felt it was something everybody did and  a part of their normal body physiological processes like urinating and defecating.

Now, alone, in his room, upset about how the call with Sijuade went, he started watching the video on his phone. He pulled down his trousers and boxer and started pleasuring himself. He was so carried away, he didn’t hear the knock on the door.

Suddenly, he saw the door being opened. He thought he locked it. He desperately prayed it was the breeze and not someone opening the door but by the time the door was flung open, he knew his prayer was far from answered. Everything happened so fast, he didn’t have enough time to wear his cloth.

His mother stood at the door, her eyes wide open and jaw dropped. “What!” She exclaimed with her hand, covering  her mouth.

Bayo knew he had been caught red handed. He quickly pulled up his boxer and trouser. “Mummy I…I” he stammered.

“You what?” She entered the room. Infuriated, she felt like getting a cane and beating every part of his body. “What did I just see you doing?” she moved closer to him raising her hand ready to pounce on him.

“Mummy, I’m sorry.” He begged as he moved away from her.

“No you are not, when I am done with you, you will be sorry.” She looked around for something to use to beat him but when she didn’t find any, she removed her slippers and held one leg of the slippers up high ready to spank him.

Bayo raised his hand in defense and moved away. “Mummy please,” he pleaded.

“If I hear my name in your mouth. My friend keep shut.” She placed the index finger of her free hand on her mouth. “You know I told you I will get to the bottom of this and it won’t be funny.” She reminded him.

Bayo kept trying to run from her.

“If you move again, Bayo, I’ll make this worse.” She threatened him.

Bayo stood in one spot, raised his hands above his head and buried his head from the coming hit, “Mummy it’s uncle Gboyega,” he cried out.

“What did you just say?” Mrs. Cole lowered her hand. “Uncle Gboyega did what?” She wanted to hear what he had to say.

“When uncle Gboyega came the last time, he forced me to watch porn and touch my private part. I got used to it after he left and I’ve not been able to stop since,” he opened up to her as he gradually dropped his hands and uncurled himself from the corner where he ran to for safety.

“Gboyega, my brother, did that?” Mrs. Cole pointed the slippers at herself before dropping it like a surrendering soldier dropping his weapon. Her eyes burnt with tears. She could feel all the energy in her body leave, her legs gave way under the weight of her body, next thing she knew, she was on the floor crying like a baby.

She had always tried to be strong particularly in front of her children. But at that moment, weakness took over her being. She had no strength to fight, no strength to pray and no strength to remain hopeful. The burden she had hitherto carried was too heavy for her. The more she tried to hold her family together and make things work, the worse things grew.

“Mummy, please I’m sorry” Bayo moved close to her where she lay on the floor and patted her softly. He had never seen his mother cry before.

The more he patted her, the harder she cried. “Why is life so unfair to me? What have I done to deserve all this?” She cried uncontrollably.

Bayo didn’t know what more he could do, he figured he needed help so he went to call Seyi who was in her room.

“Seyi… Seyi” he entered the room panting.

Seyi was lying on her bed listening to music. She immediately removed her earphone and sat up when she saw how Bayo flung the door open and rushed in. “What is it? What is the problem?”

Bolu was sleeping so she tried not to raise her voice.

“Mummy is on the floor in my room, crying?”

“Crying?” Seyi jumped out of her bed. “What happened to her? Is she okay?” The only time she saw her mother cry was when her father beat her and even at that, it was not in all cases she cried. Her mother was a very strong woman but like every strong thing, she had her breaking point and had just reached it.

When they got to the room, Mrs. Cole was no longer on the floor. She was sitting on the bed but still sobbing.

“Mummy are you okay?”“ Seyi asked and ran towards her.

Bayo followed closely behind.

“I will be fine Seyi, don’t worry,” Mrs Cole cleaned her tears and stood up. “Get me my phone and hand bag.”

They both rushed out of the room to their mum’s room.

Mrs. Cole went to the lobby that led to the sitting room. There were hung some of the family’s portraits and there was a nail on the wall where they hung the car key. She took the key and went outside. She opened the car and sat inside, waiting for the children to bring her bag and phone.

As soon as they did. She asked Seyi to open the gate for her.

“Mummy, where are you going?” Seyi asked with concern.

“I don’t know; I just need to get out of the house. I’ll be back before night.” She told them. She was both physically and psychologically drained and desperately needed help. The only problem was she felt she had no one to turn to for help.

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“Okay mummy, please be safe.” Seyi told her and went to open the gate.

Bayo stood by the car, still feeling all that happened was his fault. “Mummy I’m really sorry” he told her.

“It’s okay dear,” she gave him a weak smile and started the car.

Bayo watched as she reversed and drove out of the compound.

Mrs. Cole had no idea where she was headed. She just needed solitude. She felt that all her problems originated from that house and needed to be far away from it. As she drove, she felt a strange urge to call Emeka, after all he said he’ll always be there and he cared. “What if I call him?” She thought.

But he is a married man; I can’t just call him anytime. Hell be with his family.” She countered the first thought. “I can’t do this,” she told herself. “What then will I do? Who else can I call? I don’t care whatever happens; I’ll give it a try. If it doesn’t work out, fine. At least, I tried.” She made up her mind she was going to take the risk of calling him and face the consequence, whatever it was.

She picked her phone and dialed his number. As it rang, she kept wondering what she was doing. He didn’t pick. Her phone was on auto redial so she allowed it dial his number again, he picked shortly after it began ringing the second time.

“Hello” his voice was husky.

Mrs. Cole realized he must have been sleeping. “I’m really sorry to bother you; I didn’t know you were sleeping.” She said and sniffed.

“No, no, not at all” Emeka sounded more alert. “You aren’t disturbing me.” He told her. “Are you okay? You sound like you are crying.” The tone of her voice and the frequent sniffs gave her away.

She was silent.

“Funke, are you there?” He asked.

“Yes I am. Please if it is not too much to ask, is it possible for us to see?” She needed a friend to talk to and a shoulder to lean on.

“Sure, where are you? I’ll come meet you right away.” He sounded eager to help.

She told him her location.

“Alright dear, I’ll be there in the next 20 minutes max.” He told her.

“Okay” She gave a sigh of relief. “Thank you very much. I really appreciate it.”

“Oh please, don’t mention.” He ended the call.

Mrs. Cole dropped her phone in her bag and placed her head on the head rest. She wondered if that was the best choice she had made. She knew how weak and vulnerable she was around Emeka. She remembered all the things he told her earlier that day. What then was she doing, calling and asking for his help? She felt a strong overwhelming rebuke for what she had just done and felt compelled to call Emeka and cancel but she ignored it and told herself he was just a friend she needed to talk to and that was all.

Emeka kept to his word. In about 20 minutes, he called her to confirm her exact location.

After a few minutes, Mrs Cole saw his car park behind hers. He came down and walked towards her car. She wound down her window as he approached.

“Hi dear!” He bent and rested his arms on the edge of the roof of her car.

“Hi Emeka!” Mrs. Cole managed a smile.

“I think we should drive into the estate, he pointed at the next street. This is a pretty busy road, don’t you think?”

“Okay, sure no problem. She thought about it too but she didn’t want Emeka having difficulty locating her. She was parked in an open place, opposite a major shopping mall. She started the car and waited for Emeka to return to his car then she drove into the next street, watching Emeka through the rear view mirror as she turned. She drove in a few meters into the quiet street and then parked the car.

Emeka parked his car behind hers and came down then walked towards her car. Mrs. Cole watched him through her side mirror. He had changed from the white shirt and navy blue trouser to a grey T- shirt and a pair of jean shorts but still smelt really good. She on the other hand was wearing a green chiffon bubu gown which she changed to immediately she got home. It was one of the light and free clothes she wore when she was at home.

Emeka walked towards her car. In between the two cars, he crossed over to the passenger’s side and opened the door.

“Funke.” He called her name with a sweet tone as he sat down and closed the door.

Mrs. Cole looked at him and a weak smile broke out from the corner of her mouth. “I’m so sorry for bothering you. I had no one else to call or…” she was cut shut by his finger on her lips.

“Shhhhhh! You don’t have to be sorry for anything Funke. I’m here for you. I’m glad you called.” He looked right into her eyes.

Mrs. Cole could feel her heart beat faster, this time around not due to fear but a rush of emotions. Emotions that resulted from the feelings she had locked up but were suddenly being let loose. His gaze pierced through her soul.

He dropped his finger from her lips to her shoulder rubbing her arm softly as his hand slid down to her elbow. “Funke, I love you,” he said, his eyes still locked with hers.

   Funke could feel the hair on her body rise. She had not felt that alive in a very long time. In the past months, she had had sex only when her husband demanded for it. He never cared if she felt like it or not. When he wanted it, he always had his way irrespective of how she felt.  She always felt used. There was no spark in their love life, no spontaneity, nothing. The frequency gradually declined until they completely stopped having sex. Many times her body had craved it but her husband was either out in the bar or at home but drunk. In recent times, everything about him repelled her. She had no desire whatsoever to be with him.

“I’m frustrated Emeka. My life is so messed up.” She opened up to him.

Emeka listened as she spoke. He was a great listener, he had always been.

Mrs. Cole went on to tell him all that had been going on in her home up until the point when she broke down in tears roughly an hour ago. “Why me Emeka? Why?” She hit the steering wheel in frustration. “I can’t take it anymore. I feel like I can’t survive this. My children are the only reason I’m still in this marriage, Emeka. You know?” She looked into his eyes searching them to know if he understood what she was saying.

He nodded and wiped her tears with his hand. “I’m sure this must be hard for you.” He said as he pushed her closer to him and hugged her, allowing her rest on his shoulder.

“It’s unbearable.” She cried, her voice barely audible.

Emeka patted her on the back softly as she cried, “This is too much for a human being to bear. No one should ever go through this horror,” he whispered into her ear.

She pulled back a bit to look into his eyes. His lips were very close to hers.

He moved closer and planted a kiss on her lower lip. She struggled in her heart and mind to resist and pull back but her weakness had the better side of her and she kissed him back. When she felt his arm caress her body, she began to feel really uneasy. She pulled back and rested her back in her seat. She was so embarrassed, buried her face in her hands “I’m so sorry Emeka. That was very wrong of me. You are a married man. I’m truly sorry.”

“Oh please stop it, Funke. Don’t apologise” Emeka frowned a bit.

She looked at him “I better get going. We both have to return to our different homes. Thank you for being available to talk to.”

 “Funke, I’m always here for you. You want to talk? You need a shoulder to cry on? I’m just a phone call away. Okay?” he planted a kiss on her forehead.

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She nodded. “Thank you” she was grateful but she hoped she won’t have a reason the call him the way she did. She watched him alight from the car.

“Take care of yourself,” he bent over and told her.

“Thanks, I will.” She smiled and started the car. She made a U- turn in front of one of the houses and honked at Emeka as she drove past him.

She got home around 8:30pm.

Immediately Seyi and Bayo heard the honk of the car, they rushed to open the gate for their mum. Their minds had not been at ease since she left. Bayo was the first to get to the gate. He opened it and greeted, “mummy welcome” as she drove in.

“Mummy, how are you?” Seyi opened the car door as soon as her mum turned off the engine.

“I’m fine, Seyi. Thank you” she smiled a bit and unhooked her seat belt.

Bayo locked the gate quickly and ran to the car. “Mummy, how are you?” He asked panting.

“I’m fine” she sounded tired and exhausted. “I’ll be going to bed early tonight.” She told them as she alighted from the car.

“Okay mummy, please take it easy,” Seyi said, concern written all over her face.

“I will. Please help me take care of your siblings. Diner and everything they’ll be needing.” Mrs. Cole walked into the house, taking each step carefully and placing her hand on her forehead.

“No problem mummy, I will.” Seyi wanted to do all she could to ease the stress off her mum.

“Mummy, do you have a headache?” Bayo asked observing her hand on her forehead.

“Yes a little. Don’t worry. I will be fine” Mrs. Cole went into the house. Seyi and Bayo followed after her.

Bayo went to his room feeling terrible about everything that happened. He blamed himself for what happened to his mum. As he sat on his bed, he recalled the awful site of his mum on the floor of his room crying like a baby. It was a dreadful event he never wanted to experience again. He remembered what led to all this was his response to Sijuade’s harmless attitude of always bringing God into her conversations. It was because he got upset that all that happened ensued. As he ruminated about it, like scales falling off his eyes, he realized he was the one with the problem not Sijuade. A strong feeling of repentance came upon him. He told himself, “There was absolutely nothing wrong with what she did.” I was just upset because I don’t have a close relationship with God the way she does. He realized it was pride that stood in his way.

He knew the only solution was to turn back to God and ask for His help. He knelt down by his bed and began to talk to God like he would a friend who he had cut off communication with. He closed his eyes but imagined God was physically present in his room.

“Dear Lord, I acknowledge that I have been wrong all along. I messed up big time. Now I have seen how much I really need You. My life is so empty without You. It’s a mess. I have struggled with masturbation and pornography these past weeks and I don’t like it. I know you are not happy with me and I am so sorry. I have had no one to talk to but I never realized You have always been here. Please I ask that from today you help me to be a better person. I want what Siju has and I want to stop watching porn and masturbating. Help me with these and I promise to be a good boy. Thank You because I know You have heard me and I am confident that You will help me in Jesus name I pray, Amen.”

He stood up from his knees and sat on the bed. He felt this overwhelming joy flood his heart. He knew the next thing to do. He immediately picked his phone, went straight to YouTube and deleted all the pornographic videos. He felt that was not enough, he decided to uninstall the app. “It’s been a huge distraction anyway. I can do without it for now.”  He told himself. He went through his picture gallery and deleted all the pictures and videos he knew God wasn’t proud off. Finally, he went through his songs and deleted every single one of them. He knew they didn’t edify his spirit and he had just made a promise to God which he was by all means willing to fulfil. He made a mental note to collect gospel songs from Sijuade the following day.

He heard a knock on the door.

“Come in” He knew it was either of his sisters.

Seyi opened the door and came in. “I want to prepare spaghetti for dinner. Is that okay?”

“Yes please, that’s fine.” Bayo told her.

“Alright.” Seyi turned to leave.

“Do you need me to help you?” He offered.

Seyi wasn’t expecting that. She turned around and paused before asking. “You want to help?”

“Errr yeah. I do. Something wrong with that?” He shrugged his shoulders.

“No. not at all.” Seyi figured it must have been because of what happened to their mum. “You can join me in the kitchen.” She told him, then left. “Bayo offered to help in the kitchen. Wonders will never end.” Seyi clapped her hand as she walked away from his room.

“I can hear you.” Bayo told her, raising his voice a little so she’d hear.

Seyi giggled, “sorry.” She went to the kitchen and brought out a pot to boil the spaghetti. She could still not wrap her mind around what happened to her mum. “Did she get a call from work? Did someone she knows die? Is she broke? Seyi was tired of guessing what could have been wrong with her mum. Whatever it was, Seyi hoped her mum would snap out of it and bounce back to her feet.

Bayo came to join her in the kitchen as he said he would. “Where is Bolu?” He asked.

“She is doing her home work.” Seyi opened the cupboard above the ceramic counter where Spaghetti was kept. She tiptoed to see if it was there and when she couldn’t find it, she stretched the length of her body and used her hand to feel for it.

“Let me help you sis.” Bayo was about 2 inches taller than his sister.

Seyi stepped aside giving room for Bayo to check the cupboard.

He smiled at her as he approached, “Let me show you how it is done.” He teased her as he effortlessly placed his hand in the cupboard and brought out a pack of Spaghetti.

“It’s not your fault.” She eyed him playfully and snatched it from his hand.

Bayo laughed. “Is that all you need?” He asked with sarcasm in his voice.

“You are just a proud boy.” Seyi forced herself not to laugh.

Bayo smiled. “That’s just me rendering help.”

“Thank you beebee,” she smiled as she broke the spaghetti into the pot of boiling water.

In another 20 minutes, dinner was set. They all ate at the dining table and afterwards retired for the night.

When Bayo got to his room, the thought to masturbate crossed his mind but the urge was gone. He changed into his pyjamas, said his night prayer and slept off peacefully. 

Seyi stayed back in the sitting room till her father returned. She opened the door for him. His shirt was unbuttoned, one sleeve rolled up to the elbow while the other was down. His tie loosely knotted on his neck and he carried a briefcase on one hand.

“Welcome sir.” She knew better now. Even the Bible says a soft answer turneth away wrath. She stepped aside and allowed him stagger into the house.

“Where is your mum?” He asked wondering why it was not his wife that opened the door for him.

“She wasn’t feeling too well.” Seyi explained to him.

“When she will not stay in one place, how won’t she not feel unwell?”  Mr. Cole hissed as struggled with his balance.

Seyi shook her head and felt so sorry for the wasted life her father was living.

To be continued…

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Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye

Emmanuela is a trained Medical Doctor and a seasoned writer. She expresses God's love on a daily basis through the simplest situations that surround her.

  • Weluzani Phiri
    Posted at 11:57h, 15 December Reply

    Wow such an intriguing and educative masterpiece. I’m really blessed by your write ups, especially for the fact that they all ultimately end on a good note where God is glorified. More grace ma, can’t wait for episode 8

  • Faith osazuwa
    Posted at 13:08h, 15 December Reply

    I am really learning alot from this story.
    (1) Jesus is always there for us to pour our hearts to Him,all we need do is to seek Him with the whole of our hearts.
    (2)Never ever take a decision when you are in a confused state,you might give a chance to the devil,just as Mrs.Cole did.
    (3)Be very careful of the people that comes around your children, because the devil can use anyone who is available to cause havoc.
    (4)As a Christian, always introduce God in your conversations, because you don’t know who might be saved through you(just like Sijuade and Bayo).
    God bless you abundantly Sister Ella and I pray that your fountain of inspiration will never run dry,in Jesus mighty name.

  • Lade
    Posted at 08:08h, 16 December Reply

    So many twists and turns as real life is.

    I love all the characters, Siju’s my favorite tho☺️😊

    Next episode biko o mummy Gloria

  • Bawa Jesus'own
    Posted at 13:24h, 16 December Reply

    Loving this, Aunty Em!

  • Emma Demanou
    Posted at 08:29h, 18 December Reply

    I could really feel the emotions out of Mrs. Coles life that tears dropped off my eyes. Thanks for this Ella. I pray God to continue inspiring you. You’re such a blessing to me and this generation🙏🏾

  • Oluwatofunmi R. Olowoporoku
    Posted at 12:13h, 21 December Reply

    I always enjoy reading your writeups Auntie Ella. This again is another masterpiece. Thank you very much for the time and efforts you put into delivering this to the world. I pray that the Lord will uplift and reward you. Nations will call you blessed in Jesus name.

    Rachael Olowoporoku.

    A big fan of your writeups 🥰

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