Burning Coles: Chapter 1


“You must be out of your rotten mind!” Mr Cole bellowed.
“Me, I’m not out of my mind o” Mrs Cole replied, bunching up her husband’s grey T-shirt in her  fist, she rocked from side to side, ready for a fight. “Have I asked too much? All I need is some money to take care of your children.” She shouted back at him almost shedding tears

He chuckled sarcastically. “Abi e ri obirin yi ni? (can’t you see this woman?),” he clapped his hand in amazement. Then immediately, the sarcastic smile on his face turned into a frown.
“Woman, listen to me and listen well. You have no right to tell me what I am to do for my children. Is that clear?” He spoke firmly with alcohol heavy on his breath.

“Don’t you have any shame Akin? Your children are in their rooms and can obviously hear you shouting at me” she told him as she released his T-shirt from her grip.

Gbemi French Version

Gbemi is a novel turned movie that has touched the hearts of many, speaking deeply on waiting for God to receive the very best. It has been translated into French to bless French readers.  It is a must-read for you. Be sure to read the novel and watch the movie.

Stormed: Chapter 1


Dan sat transfixed in the living room as he watched his wife carry a tray containing a plate of freshly prepared toast and a cup of tea, from the kitchen to the dining. She placed it on the table and pulled out a seat, ready to devour. He couldn’t believe his eyes. His laptop on which he was studying the Bible almost slipped off his lap because his focus and attention were completely on his wife.


Ngozi knew her husband was staring at her but could not care any less. She sat down, said a word of prayer, and dug in. “What are you doing?” Dan finally spoke. He had to be sure he wasn’t hallucinating. She ignored the question and continued with her meal.


“Having breakfast.” Ngozi wasn’t in the mood for a fight. “Why?” Dan had not been more confused in his entire life. “Why not?” She tried to curtail her anger. “You heard me, Ngozi. What are you doing?” He picked his words one after the other, emphasizing the question.


This story “Stormed”  will enable you reevaluate your life.  it will bring  you into the atmosphere of self reflection and make you ask the simple and most vital question “what are you standing on?

Dami MB

Damilola Mike-Bamiloye

Gospel Film Maker

Stormed is a moving book that shows us how God cares so much for His children and how even in our despair, He is working things out for our good.

Episode IV

Victory Odunjo


Ella Mike-Bamiloye tells beautiful stories that draw you in with their relatability and draw you to the light of God’s word.


Goodness Adegbola

Christian Blogger


Gbemi is a novel turned movie that has touched the hearts of many, speaking deeply on waiting of God to receive the very best. It is a must read for you. Be sure to read the novel and watch the movie.



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