Burning Coles 6

Mrs. Cole lay down on the three seater sofa in the sitting room, waiting for her husband to return. She slept off watching TV.

Mr. Cole came back around 2:00am, banging on the door.

She went to open the door for him. He staggered into the house with the stench of alcohol and cigarette cloaking him like a heavy robe. There was nothing new about that but she noticed something different about him.

“What’s this all over your face?” She asked him looking at the red and purple streaks of lipstick, on his face.

“What is it?” He asked with disdain written all over his face.

“Akin, these are lipstick marks on your face. Not just from one person but at least two.” She said furiously.

“And so? Woman, move away. I need to sleep.” He sneered and jostled her out of his path.

“Akin, how dare you? It’s bad enough you don’t cater for the needs of your family. You go out every night and drink to stupor, now women? Really?” She was infuriated. Everything about the man disgusted her. At that moment, she didn’t care if he beat her up or killed her; she had had enough and needed to let out her hurt. “You are such an ingrate Akin; I regret ever meeting you.”

 “What!” He turned around sharply, his sudden movements inconsistent with his drunken state. He, clearly, had been snapped out of his stupor by her biting words.

“Are you out of your mind?” He began, as he swayed menacingly towards her, eyes flashing like red pointers and fists out stretched. He was ready to teach her some lessons.

Mrs. Cole saw him coming close; she knew he was going to pounce on her at any moment if she didn’t act fast. She took a calculated turn around and bolted for the kitchen, slamming the door and locking it safely behind her. She slid wearily to the floor with her back against the door, panting heavily and silently congratulating herself on her timely escape from the clutches of blows.

Mr. Cole pounded noisily at the door. “Useless woman, why did you run away? You should have stayed so that I’ll beat the living day lights out of you” he staggered as he made his way towards their bedroom.

Mrs. Cole sat behind the door, listening and waiting till she heard him leave. When she could barely hear his receding footsteps, she lay on the kitchen floor and bawled like a baby, “Oh God, why? Why am I going through all these? Why is life so unfair to me?” Hot tears rolled down her face uncontrollably. She cried until no strength was left in her then she stood up and went back to the sitting room. The thought of going to her room and lying on the same bed with her husband disgusted her. She turned off all the lights and slept on the three seater.

The next morning, she was up by 5am. She said a short prayer committing the day into God’s hand and got up. The thought of the fight between her husband and her and what led to it flashed through her mind and with it came an overwhelming feeling of sadness. She told herself that she wasn’t going to start her day that way so she brushed the thought away but the feeling lingered. She went first to the kitchen to heat up water the children will use to have their bath. Then she went to their rooms to wake them up.

Bayo’s room was a mess as usual; the windows were shut and the whole place, stuffy. “Why is this boy always closing all his windows?” She asked herself as she opened them. “Bayo, Bayo wake up” she tapped him “get up and get ready so you won’t be late for school”.

Bayo was always the most difficult to handle when it came to waking up so Mrs Cole usually went to his room first. He tossed in bed for half a minute while his mum persisted in tapping him, making each tap more painful than the previous, all in an attempt to get sleep off his eyes. He finally responded “hmmm”, first rubbing his eyes and then stretching. After about a minute, he was fully awake. He realized what was going on and quickly pulled his top sheet to himself as if he was hiding something.

“What is it Bayo?”

“Nothing mummy. Good morning.” He said hoping she would press no further.

“Good morning my foot,” she pulled the cloth away from him. “What is it you are hiding?” She thought he hid something under the cloth little did she know that the ‘something’ was his nakedness.

“Bayo what exactly is wrong with you? Why have you been sleeping naked these days?” She asked.

Bayo used one hand to cover himself and the other hand was stretched to retrieve the cloth from his mum. “I’ve not been sleeping naked.” He told her. “I woke up to use the toilet in the night and…” He started his usual lines again but his mum cut him short.

“Which useless toilet? Is it toilet that said you should not wear your boxer when you were done?” She had a hunch that there was more to what he was saying. “Bayo, you had better stop lying; you know I’ll get to the bottom of this and something tells me that when I do, you will be so sorry.” She pointed her right index finger at him in a warning gesture. “Get up and get ready for school. Go to the kitchen to get hot water. I must not come back and meet you on the bed; is that clear?” She spoke sternly.

“Yes ma,” he said.

Mrs. Cole left his room, went to the ladies’ room to wake Bolu up then she went to her room. She saw her husband fast asleep and snoring. She shook her head, quietly closed the door and went back to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for the family.

By 7am, Mrs. Cole, Bayo and Bolu were all set. Seyi was up, had brushed her teeth but not yet had her bath because she wasn’t going out. She had breakfast with them. Mr. Cole hadn’t come out of his room. His food was in the warmer. He was a part-time lecturer at Shinning Star University. He ran a very flexible schedule and got to work around 10am every day.

“Seyi take care of the house. Make sure you are security conscious and use your time wisely. Call if anything arises.” Those were the same instructions she gave her every morning.

“Okay mummy,” Seyi responded and rolled her eyes.

Mrs. Cole saw her saucy attitude. “Ejo e ko (it’s not your fault).” She told her and hissed. She turned to Bayo and Bolu, “Eyin omo (children), let’s go.” she carried her bag and stood up.

Seyi followed them out of the house and helped open the gate, she waved as her mum drove off.

She went back into the house and tidied up the kitchen and dining where they had just eaten then she went to her room. She lay on the bed looking straight at the ceiling trying to paint a mental picture of her plan for the day. Gradually her eyes began to close and then off to dream land she went.

It was the sound of her phone ringing that woke her up. She looked at the caller’s ID. It was Sope. “This girl will have my head; I haven’t given her the gist of how yesterday went.” She said as she picked the call.

“Hi Sope!” She said hoping her friend won’t pounce on her.

“You know you are not serious?” Sope didn’t disappoint her.

“I’m sorry Sope; my data was exhausted.” She tried to give an excuse.

“And you couldn’t call?” The tone of her voice revealed her annoyance.

“I didn’t have airtime too” She hoped her explanations would suffice.


“Sope, I said I’m sorry.” She knew her friend. She never stayed angry with her for more than a minute.

“Do you now want me to beg you before you give me the gist?” Sope was no longer angry but was eager to hear all Seyi had to say.

Seyi chuckled, “I knew you’ll forgive me. The gist is not exactly what you’re expecting. The guy is a bastard.” She started.

“Ha! What happened?” Sope was in shock.

Seyi hissed, “ He asked me out; I wasn’t even expecting it.”

“So is that why he is a bastard, Seyi?” Sope asked.

“No nah,  wait till you hear the full gist. He tried kissing me. I mean who does that?”

“Well guys could be like that, sha.” Sope explained to her.

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“Oh please, spare me! That’s not even the problem. Can you imagine that idiot has a girlfriend?”

“Wait! What? It’s a lie.” Sope couldn’t believe her ears.

“I swear! My brother saw his picture and recognized him as his friend’s older sister’s boyfriend. Can you imagine?” Seyi was boiling.

“This guy na big fool!” Sope was even more upset than Seyi.

“I’m telling you. You sef look at it o, he hasn’t called me since yesterday evening. Is that how someone who claims to care would behave? I’m sure he’ll have one useless excuse.”

“We don’t even want his call. He should keep his call to himself.” Sope said.

“Hold on Sope, a call is coming in” Seyi said as she checked who it was. “He is the one calling.”

“What does he want? Abeg he should leave you alone o.” Sope already disliked him.

“I don’t even want to hear his voice. Anyway, how are you? What are you doing today?” Seyi asked, changing the subject of discussion.

“I followed my mum to her office; I’m tired of staying at home.”

“I know right; it’s frustrating.” She looked at her phone and placed it back to her ear. “Can you imagine? He is still calling o.” She informed Sope.

“You know what? Pick the call and hear what he has to say; we’ll talk later.”

“Alright dear, take care.”


Seyi ended the call and picked Goke’s call, “hello” her tone was flat.

“Hi love!” Goke said.

Seyi was pissed to hear him refer to her as “love”. “What right does he have to call me that?” she thought. She didn’t reply.

“How are you?” He asked when he didn’t get a reply.

“I’m busy.” That was the only response she could think of. She wished she could sound harsher, perhaps raise her voice at him and tell him never to call her again. She just didn’t want to speak to him ever again.

“Oh, I’m sorry; I’ll call you later then?” Goke wanted to know if that would be better.

Seyi ended the call without giving him a reply or allowing him to say another word. She knew he’d be surprised at her action but didn’t care. Instead she hoped it would drive home the message that she was not interested anymore.

Immediately the call ended, she heard a knock on the door. She knew it was no one else but her father.

“Yes?” she sat up in bed wondering what he wanted.

Mr. Cole opened the door and came in. He was wearing a white singlet and a short

“Good afternoon…sorry morning sir.” His presence alone made her nervous.

“Do you know where the iron is?” He asked.

“I think it’s in Bayo’s room. Let me check.” Seyi got up from the bed.

“Okay” he said as he stepped out of the room and waited at the entrance of Bayo’s room.

Seyi went into Bayo’s room and immediately came out with the pressing iron, “Here it is sir” She said, handing it over to him.

Mr. Cole collected it from her and asked, “What did your mum prepare for breakfast?”

“Yam and fried egg sir,” she replied hoping that was all. She wasn’t free or comfortable around her dad.

“Okay” Mr Cole said and went back to his room.

Seyi released her breath, she didn’t even realize she had been holding it, as she walked to her room.


Mrs. Cole had gotten to work but she hadn’t forgotten her 2 O’clock appointment with Emeka and so began work early so she could have completed all her tasks before 2:00pm.

She couldn’t stop thinking about him. She really looked forward to seeing Emeka again. There was this excitement she felt when she thought about him, a feeling she hadn’t had in a long time.

As she worked on her laptop, tiding up her PowerPoint presentation which she was to make by 11am, she tried to focus and not allow thoughts of Emeka flood her mind.

She heard a knock on the door, “Come in”, she said as she looked up to see who it was.

A young lady came in with a document in her hand. She was the MD’s secretary. “Good morning ma,” she greeted as she approached.

“Good morning Miss Adeoti, how are you?”

“I’m fine ma. Mr. Ogunrinade asked me to give you this,” she handed the document over to her.

“Okay, thank you,” Mrs. Cole collected it wondering what it was.

“You are welcome ma,” Miss Adeoti replied and left.

 “An internal memorandum” Mrs Cole started reading it, “What? No, this can’t be. Why will my presentation be postponed to 2:00pm? What’s the meaning of this rubbish?” She removed her glasses and flung it on the table. “I don’t like this.” She was upset; her plans had obviously been ruined.

She hissed as she picked up her phone, “I’ll have to inform Emeka and perhaps reschedule.” She said to herself as she dialed his number.

“Hello Funke, Good morning,” he picked up almost immediately.

“Hi Emeka, Good morning.” It felt good to hear his voice again. She couldn’t believe she was calling to cancel their appointment.

“What’s the problem? You sound dull.” He could tell something was wrong.

“I just got a message from the MD that my presentation which was meant to be by 11:00am is now by 2:00pm.” She told him.

“Wow, that’s when we were meant to meet.” He sounded disappointed. “That’s not a problem; don’t let it bother you,” he tried to encourage her. “Maybe we should reschedule for another time. Although I was really looking forward to seeing you today.”

“Well, it’s a 20 minutes presentation. What if we fix our meeting for 3:00pm?” She suggested. Emeka wasn’t the only one that wanted to see her; she was equally looking forward to seeing him.

“Oh, is that possible? I hope it won’t be too inconveniencing?” He said with concern.

“No, not at all, I’ll leave immediately I’m done.” She told him.

“That’s great then, 3:00pm it is.”

Mrs Cole smiled, “Yes, see you later today.”

“Bye dear,” he ended the call.

Mrs. Cole couldn’t contain her joy. She smiled as she dropped the phone. 


Bayo was in Math’s class but wasn’t paying attention to Mr Adeyemi, his Math teacher. Instead he was focused on his phone, chatting with Sijuade who was in a different arm. She was in Art class while he was in Science class. Mr Adeyemi noticed Bayo wasn’t paying attention.

“What was my last statement?” He asked him.

Bayo, not knowing the question was directed at him, continued with his phone.

“Bayo, stand up!”

Bayo was shocked. He quickly kept his phone in his pocket as he pointed to himself, “me?” He asked.

“No, me.” Mr Adeyemi answered sarcastically. “My friend, will you get up? You’ve not heard anything I’ve said today.”

Bayo slowly stood up. He was embarrassed but knew his teacher was right.

A few of his classmates giggled and made jest of him.

“You’ll remain standing till the end of the class.” Mr Adeyemi continued teaching.

Bayo didn’t bring out his phone because he knew it would be seized. He consoled himself with the fact that the class was almost over and afterwards was break time.

After about ten minutes, the bell was rung and the class ended. He sat down and like he had been dying to, he brought out his phone and checked it for message notifications. Sijuade had sent him messages, he replied them and told her he’ll join her in her class and from there, they’ll go for break together.

When he got to her class, he found her at the back of the class, talking with a friend. She saw him and signaled to him to give her a minute.

While Bayo waited for her outside by the window, he could hear her talking to the other person about Jesus being the only solution for what she was going through. 

“Jesus is the way, truth and the life”, she said. “Even in your academics, He can help you. Just ask for His help, you’ll be surprised.”

“Thank you, Siju.” The friend told her.

“Don’t mention. I have to go now, Bayo is waiting for me outside.”

She came out and met Bayo where he waited by the window. “Sorry for keeping you waiting, Bayo.” She apologized.

Bayo, who was leaning against the window frame, eavesdropping on Sijuade’s conversation, was startled by her but put up an act. “No problem at all.” He turned to her and stood up straight. “How are you?” They walked towards the kiosk where they usually bought snacks and drinks during break.

“I’m okay,” the pretty girl in her perfectly laundered uniform said. She was the same age with Bayo and about an inch shorter. “So your sister knows Goke?” She asked.

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“Yes o, I don’t know if they are close though. I just saw his picture and I recognized him immediately.” He told her.

“Interesting. Sister Feyikemi wasn’t really happy yesterday.”

“Why?” Bayo asked.

“When I asked her she said nothing but when I asked her how Goke was, she said he wasn’t feeling too well and was at home throughout” Sijuade told him.

“So she wasn’t happy because Goke wasn’t feeling fine?” Bayo wanted to understand.

“That, coupled with the fact that their plans to hang out was cancelled.”

Eeya! I hope she is fine now?” Bayo asked.

“They spoke in the night; I guess she is.” They arrived at the kiosk. “What are you buying?” She asked as she brought out 200 naira from her pocket ready to place her order.

“Em… most likely meat pie and a drink.” Bayo said as he put his hand in his pocket to bring out his money. He had forgotten that his mum didn’t give him any money, his punishment for taking her modem without her permission and also lying to cover up his act of theft. “Actually, I’m not really hungry. I had a heavy breakfast. Just buy yours.” He told her, hoping she wouldn’t figure out he didn’t have money.

“Are you sure?” She asked.

“Of course, go ahead and buy your snacks. I’m okay,” he told her.

“Alright, if you say so,” she said then bought two sausages and a bottle of coke.

They sat down on a bench and continued talking, after 20 minutes, the bell was rung and they had to return to their classes.


Mrs. Cole was set for her presentation. By 1:45pm, the projector had been set, everything was in order. She sat in the board room waiting for 2:00pm when everyone would have been seated.

Her colleagues gradually assembled and by 2:00pm, she began her presentation. She was done by 2:15pm after which she entertained some questions and the meeting was brought to an end. Without wasting time, she went to her office, packed her bags and off she went.

While on her way to meet Emeka, she called him. She was about 30 minutes away from Evelyn’s Kitchen, where they had planned to meet but she just needed to be sure he was also on his way or at least about to leave home or wherever he was. He picked on the first ring.

“Hello Funke!”

“Hi Emeka, I’m already on my way.” She told him.

“Oh, that’s great. How did the presentation go?” He was always very thoughtful.

“It went well, thanks. Where are you?” She asked.

“I just left home; I’m on my way too.” He told her.

“Ok great, see you soon.”

“You too dear.” He replied.

Mrs. Cole ended the call and dropped her phone. She began to ask herself the purpose of the meeting. Was it just catching up on old times or was there more? She tried to suppress the feeling of excitement that arose at the thought of her seeing Emeka.

She got to the place at 2:55pm. When she parked her car, she checked for Emeka’s car but didn’t see it. “He’s not yet here.” She said to herself as she came down and entered the restaurant. As she was trying to decide which table to choose, she saw someone wave at her. She looked and saw it was Emeka. An uncontrollable smile broke out on her face as she walked to meet him.


He stood up to hug her and said, “I’m glad you made it in time.” He wore a white shirt and a navy blue pair of trousers. His first button was undone.

“I didn’t know you were around, didn’t see your car outside.” Mrs. Cole hugged him and took in the fragrance of his cologne. He smelt like a million box.

“Yeah, I took another one. My wife drove the SUV.” He explained.

For some reason, the mention of the word ‘wife’ suddenly made Mrs. Cole’s smile disappear.

“Are you okay, did I say or do something wrong?” Emeka asked wondering the cause of the sudden fall in her countenance.

“No nothing,” she forced a smile. “So how are you?” She asked.

“I don’t know about you but I’m hungry.” He said and burst into laughter.

“I am too; I haven’t eaten since breakfast.” She told him.

“What will you like to have?” He picked up the menu on the table and opened it, scanning through.

She picked hers but instead of looking through it; she studied Emeka and took in his charming looks. Age had favoured him; he looked even more handsome than he did those many years ago. The sparse gray hair strands that lined his jaw and neatly shaved beards, made him look even more attractive. She knew if she kept starring, he would catch her. “Rice will do. How about you?” The Emeka she knew almost two decades ago was a rice lover.

“Rice” He smiled. That smile. Still irresistible as ever.

Mrs Cole smiled. He didn’t seem to have changed much.

“Why did you smile?” Emeka asked still smiling.

“I was almost sure you’ll say rice. I still remember how much you loved rice.” She was right about that. Emeka could eat rice three times a day for weeks without getting tired..

He chuckled. “That’s very true.” He signaled to one of the waiters who came and took their orders.

“So how have you been, Olufunke?” He asked with a broad smile, looking straight into her eyes.

The sound of her name being mentioned by him sent chills through her spine. She always loved when he called her first name in full. She could not resist his good looks which was magnified when he smiled neither could she deny the fact that feelings she had buried years ago were gradually resurrecting. She however didn’t know if this was mutual or just in her head alone.

“Hmm.. how have I been?” She repeated his question, this time around looking down and avoiding his gaze.

He lifted up her chin gently, his eyes locked with hers, “Funke, I know it’s been so many years, so many things have happened to us but I want you to know that I still care today as I did then. You have absolutely nothing to worry about.”

The atmosphere was so intense. Mrs. Cole could feel her heart beat faster. At that moment, she was oblivious of happenings around her. All she could see and hear was Emeka. He not only filled her vision but also saturated her mind.

“Does he really understand the gravity of this? There is so much to worry about. We are both married; we both have children and live entirely different lives. He couldn’t possible have meant what he just said about nothing to worry about.” So many thoughts ran through her mind.

“Why are you quiet all of a sudden?” Emeka asked as he gently placed his hand on hers.

Mrs. Cole looked at his hand on hers and lifted her head to look at him, “Emeka” she gathered strength to mutter. She knew the words she wanted to say but she didn’t have the boldness and confidence to let them out. She wanted to tell him that what he was doing was risky and not safe for both of them; she wanted to remind him that as Christians, it was sinful to engage in lustful acts. She however struggled with her flesh. She enjoyed the feeling being with Emeka brought and she feared that if she spoke out, it might all come to an end.

“Yes dear,” Emeka answered her. “What is on your mind?” He asked fiddling with her hand.

“Nothing much,” she lied. She decided to keep all her thoughts to herself and bask in the euphoria of the moment

“Are you sure? You look a bit worried.” He told her.

“I’m fine.” She smiled.

There was silence as they both stared into each other’s eyes.

The waiter broke the silence, “Here we go” he said as he placed their plates of rice in front of them.

Emeka detached his hand from hers in order to give room for the waiter to do his job. “Thank you,” he politely told the waiter as he unwrapped his cutlery from the beautifully embroidered orange napkin that was beside his plate. “This smells good.” He smiled.

“I hope it tastes as good” Mrs. Cole said as she unwrapped her cutlery and watched Emeka take the first spoon. “How is it?” She asked.

“Taste it yourself and see.” He covered his mouth with his right hand holding his knife.

Mrs Cole tasted the rice and a smile immediately broke out on her face. “This is really good.” She affirmed.

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“I told you so.”

“You did? When? All I remember you saying was you heard the food here is really nice.” she took a sip from the orange juice in her glass.

“Well, I was the one that suggested the place.”

“And did that add money to your bank account?” She teased.

“Nice one.” He smiled.

They finished their meal and Emeka paid for the food then they got up to leave.

As they exited the building, he walked her to her car. “Thank you for today, I had a great time.”

“I should be the one thanking you. You made me remember what it feels like to be cared for.” She had finished speaking before she realized how much information she had divulged.

“Funke,” he held her hand. “Trust me, I am still willing to give you all the care and love you need.” He told her looking straight into her eyes.

“Emeka, so much has changed. We are both married now.” She detached her hand.

“What matters most is your happiness, Funke. Are you happy?” Emeka no longer saw the spark he once saw in her eyes. “I want you to be happy, I really do.”

Mrs. Cole looked at him, she didn’t know what to say or do. She knew he was right about her not being happy, as a matter of fact she was far from happy. She had logical reasons to allow Emeka back into her life; he was the only man she had ever truly loved and now the man she called husband had frustrated her with his alcoholism and now womanizing.

“I appreciate all this, really, I do. It’s just that I…we have to be careful. I don’t want us to do something we’ll regret.” She searched his eyes to see if he was in agreement. He wasn’t.

“Regret? Funke, the only thing I regretted doing was not getting married to you. Everyday, I wish I could go back in time to change the decision you made that day.” His eyes were full of pain and hurt.

Funke had the same regret. She wished more than anything that she hadn’t listened to her parents. She wished she stood her ground and damned the consequences. She knew she was paying hard for that choice she made. As she heard Emeka open up to her, she could almost palpate his hurt. Hers too was even now intensified. Knowing he was also hurting, brought her more pain. She fought back the tears that were beginning to gather in her eyes.

“I still love you, Funke and I always will” Emeka still held her gaze, his voice trembling as he spoke.

She couldn’t fathom why her life was so messed up. “Could things get more complicated?” she wondered. She couldn’t deny the fact that she never stopped loving him; she just didn’t know what to do or say. She tried to speak but the words weren’t just there.

“Say something please,” he begged, holding her hand.

“I don’t know what to say Emeka. I have to go now” she couldn’t hold back the tears any longer. She knew if she stayed one more moment, she’d do something she’ll regret.

“Okay no problem. I will call you” he stepped back and allowed her enter her car, shutting the door after her. “Take care of yourself.” He took a step backward to allow her reverse properly.

“I will. It was nice seeing you again.” She wiped her tears. “Bye” she reversed the car and waved at him as she drove away.

He waved back and watched her drive off.

On her way to pick her children from school, she couldn’t help thinking about Emeka. She fought more tears from pouring down as she wished she had never broken up with him in the first instance. If there was one mistake she had made in her life, it was not marrying Emeka and the second would have been getting married to Akin Cole. The life she was living was hell compared with the life she imagined she’d have been living with Emeka. But the deed had been done. She had entertained thoughts of a divorce many times but she quickly shook it off when she remembered her children. What would be the fate of her three children? It wasn’t their fault she made the mistakes she did. She struggled with the feelings she still had for Emeka which were quickly getting reawakened. She didn’t know what to do and she didn’t really have any close friend. Even if she did, she generally didn’t like talking to people about her personal issues. She was in a fix and needed to act fast.

She got to Bolu’s school, glancing at at her wrist watch as she drove into the compound. It was 4:20pm, she was right on time. Bolu was in Primary 3 and her class room was on the first floor of the two story building while Bayo’s class was in the next compound. Though the same school, the primary and secondary schools were in different compounds. Mrs. Cole always picked Bolu before going to pick Bayo.

Bolu, through the window of her classroom upstairs, spotted the car as her mum drove in. “My mum is around” she told her friends who were also waiting for their parents. She picked her bag and ran downstairs.

Mrs. Cole smiled as she approached. “How are you, my baby?”

“I’m fine mummy,” she crossed over to the passenger’s side and asked “how are you too?” She opened the front door and sat majestically like a princess.

“I’m fine, my darling. You know your brother will like to sit in front right?” Mrs. Cole smiled and gave her a pat on her back.

“Every time he makes me sit at the back. I like the front seat too you know?” Bolu folded her arms and squeezed her face as if she had just tasted a sour grape.

  “Oh well, that’s why he is your older brother. Anyway, I’ll just act as if I’m not here.” Mrs. Cole started the car and went to Bayo’s school.

As expected, the first thing Bayo said when he got to the car after “mummy good afternoon” was “Bolu, that’s my seat.”

Mrs. Cole kept her word, she didn’t say a thing.

“But you sit in front every time.” Bolu confronted him.

“Exactly, because everyone knows it’s my seat.” He opened the door waiting for her to come down.

“It’s not fair. I also like the front seat.” Bolu murmured as she came down and went to the back. “One day I’ll have my car and I’ll seat in front.”

“Of course my dear you will. Do you know how privileged you are to be seating there?” Mrs. Cole looked back and said.

Bolu folded her arms and looked out of the car. She wasn’t interested in whatever anyone had to say.

“Sweetheart, that place you are sitting is called the owner’s corner.  When you own your car and your driver is driving the car, you don’t struggle for front seat but you seat comfortably and majestically at the owner’s corner and give your orders.” Mrs. Cole tried to cheer her up.

Bolu was not in the mood to be cheered up.

“You too from time to time, allow your sister sit in front, just do egbon for her (play the elder one)” Mrs Cole whispered to Bayo as she started the car and drove out of the school compound.

“Okay mummy, I’ve heard.”

“How was your day?” Mrs Cole asked him, her tone no longer hushed.

“Ha mummy I’m hungry” Bayo exclaimed and held his tummy.

“Didn’t you have anything during break?” She asked sarcastically.

“When you didn’t give me break money” he frowned at her.

“And why was that?” Her face was expressionless.

“Because I took your modem yesterday without your permission and I lied about it.” Bayo understood the gravity of what he did and was sorry about it.

“And what do you have to say about that?” Mrs. Cole took a left turn. She looked at the road all through the conversation.

“I’m sorry?”

“Are you asking or telling me?”

“I’m sorry ma.”

“That’s more like it.” A smile broke out from the corner of her face. “I’m glad you learnt your lesson and I believe it won’t repeat itself.” She briefly gave him a sideway glance.”

“Don’t worry, we will soon be home. Seyi would have prepared lunch, okay?”

“But before we get home, can…”

“Nope, not today my dear.” She cut in

 “You’ll have to wait for us to get home.” She told him point blank.

The rest of the trip home was largely filled with silence.

To be continued…






Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye

Emmanuela is a trained Medical Doctor and a seasoned writer. She expresses God's love on a daily basis through the simplest situations that surround her.


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