The Abiodun Family Drama 2

Mr Abiodun’s last business trip was to South Africa. It lasted for two months. Previous business trips lasted two weeks on the average but this one was different. Mrs. Abiodun started suspecting something fishy when he kept sending money home and postponing his return date. She knew there was more to it than business so she decided to do some research.

            She contacted Mummy Gbenga, her very good friend, whose brother, Mr Komolafe, worked in South Africa. He disguised as an interested dealer and got close to Mr. Abiodun.

            “Kunle, don’t tell me you are always this hardworking and never have things you do to relieve the day’s stress.” Mr Komolafe, who had now become a regular visitor at Mr Abiodun’s office asked as he reclined in his chair opposite Mr Abiodun’s desk.

            “Well, you know now” Mr Abiodun said as he looked up from his laptop which he was initially working on to look at Mr Komolafe.

“We always have our ways,” he chuckled and rested his back in his massive office chair in order to pay more attention to Mr Komolafe.

            “Now you are talking. See me too I’m a married man, when my wife doesn’t give me what I want, I know where to get it.” He said in a low tone and laughed aloud.

            “Of course now. Man cannot come and die” he joined in the laughter. “Speaking of ‘getting it’, I met this really beautiful lady here in SA. Her name is Jane. I’ve met with her a couple of time now, the babe is good in bed mehn. I never jam her type before. In fact, she is the reason, I haven’t gone back home. My wife has become too boring for me.”

            “I feel you man. Abeg it’s not easy to stick with one woman all your life.”

            “It’s not o, my brother.”

            “I better start going, need to meet with a client. We’ll see around.” He extended his hand for a handshake, stood up and left.

            Mr Komolafe’s work was done. He called his sister to brief her and you can trust women, she wasted no time in telling Mrs Abiodun. Her husband walked directly into her trap.

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            Back to the Abiodun’s home…

            “Why on earth did you think, I’ve been ignoring you in this house? I’ve been waiting for the day to confront you and today, you have pushed me to the wall.” Mrs Abiodun said at the top of her voice

            “Jane, I mean Sade, calm down.”

            “What?! Did you just call me Jane? Ha aye mi o (my life).” She removed the head tie on her head and threw it on the ground, scattered her hair with her hand.

“Kunle, you called me Jane? You will see what I will do for you in this house,” she snapped her thumb and middle finger at him, picked her head tie and bag and walked away. After taking some steps, she turned back and said, “call me a bastard if I don’t make you pay dearly for this. Shameless man.” She hissed and walked away.

            Mr Abiodun froze where he stood speechless. “What mess have I gotten myself into?” He thought aloud. “What will I do now?” He sighed.

            Mrs Abiodun stumped into her room and smashed the door. Still panting hard, she dropped her head tie and bag on the bed, paced around the large master bed room in order to ease off the anger.

            “That useless man had the effrontery and audacity to call me Jane. Emi (Me) Folashade Abiodun.” She beat her chest boastfully. “I will show him pepper.”

            She sat on the bed, picked her phone and called a number.

Mr Abiodun walked into the room and saw his wife on the phone. She was reporting what just happened to the person on the phone.

“He just walked in to the room,” she eyed him. “let me call you back o jare, his presence literally makes me want to puke.” She hung up the phone, lay down on the bed backing him.  

“Sade” he got no response. He sat on his side on the bed, bowed his head. He felt sorry for what he had done but had no idea how to make things straight.

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As Mrs Abiodun lay in bed, tears rolled down her face. She remembered when they first met in the university some twenty years back. The love they shared was out of this world. She wondered what had happened to it. She struggled with thoughts of the marriage counselling session they had before they got married, she struggled because she knew she was going against what they were told, one of which was not to invite a third party into sensitive matters but that the matter should first be taken to God and then if need be, to the pastor.

Hmmm talk to God about this? She thought to herself. It’s been awhile since I last talked to God about anything. He probably doesn’t want to have anything to do with me anymore. I only remember He exists when I need His help.” She dismissed the thought and told herself she will handle it her own way.

 The next day…

Mr Abiodun had a rough day. He couldn’t get his mind off what had happened the previous day. He used to be a man that had everything together but he could feel the pieces of his life falling apart. He decided to leave the office earlier than usual that day.

He placed a call to his secretary through the intercom. “Clear my schedule for today, I have some things to attend to.”

“But sir, you have a meeting with Bale and Dale Plc at 3:30pm.”

“Do you have problems receiving instructions Miss Badejo?” He asked with a raised tone.

“I’m sorry sir,” she apologised. “Can I get you anything sir?”

“No thank you,” he dropped the phone and began to pack up for the day.

Without a knock, his office door was opened. It was Kate, his secretary. She had removed her jacket and had on a sleeves blouse with the first two buttons undone revealing her cleavage. Her skirt was tight and short. She held in her hand a glass of water in small tray covered with a saucer.

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“Here you go sir,” she placed it on the table and bent over to allow her boss peep into her blouse.

“What are you doing?? He asked looking confused. “Did I ask you to get me water? Have I ever asked you to get me water?” Pointing to the fridge at the corner of his office. “If I need water, I help myself.”

“But sir, I noticed you sounded tired,” she walked towards him and bent over about to place a kiss on his forehead

“Are you out of your mind?” He shouted, pushed her back and stood up. “Get out of my office,” he said firmly pointing to the door. “This is your last time here, you are fired!”

Without any look of remorse, she walked slowly and seductively to the door. “Have a great life Mr Abiodun.”

Throughout his trip home, he kept pondering on what just happened. He was most shocked at her attitude after he fired her; she didn’t even beg for her job.

‘That woman is an agent of darkness o’ he thought to himself ‘but then, is she any different from Jane’ he sighed. ‘My life needs help

             On getting home, he was welcomed by Cynthia as usual but this time around, he decided to carry his bag himself. He didn’t see anyone in the main sitting room downstairs and so proceeded to check the family sitting room upstairs. Still no one.

            He hardly went to his daughters’ room but this time around decided to check on them. As he approached the door, he wondered why the music was so loud. He knocked but knew the loud music wouldn’t allow his knock to be heard so he decided to open the door.

            He couldn’t believe his eyes.

            “Tife!” he exclaimed


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