Favour’s Love Story 6

Emma struggled with his thoughts, he could literally hear himself argue back and forth. It had been four days since he saw Favour but the struggle in his mind wasn’t pertaining to Favour but his past. Although he seemed like the perfect gentleman, he had a past he wasn’t proud of. As he knelt in prayer before the All-Knowing God to pray about Favour and what was beginning to transpire between them, he could hear God tell him to open up to her completely.

Your future cannot be built on falsehood” he heard the Holy Spirit tell him. “You mustn’t build on a faulty foundation.” Emma’s Bible which was beside his journal and pen on a table was opened to the first chapter of James. He was reading through it when he got arrested by the Holy Spirit at verse 17 which says

‘Every desirable and beneficial gift comes out of heaven. The gifts are rivers of light cascading down from the Father of light. There is nothing deceitful in God, nothing two faced, nothing fickle’ The Message translation.

“Hmmm there is nothing deceitful in God, the Lord of all truth. Favour needs to know the whole truth.” He reasoned aloud.

He prayed “Lord please give me the grace to open up to her and please give her the grace to take it well. If she really is the desirable and beneficial gift from You, Lord please don’t let me lose her.” He had not felt more hopeful in his life.

Favour on the other hand had been having a hard time getting anything concrete from God. All she kept hearing Him say was “be patient, I’m working things out for your good”.

A particular scripture repeatedly dropped in her heart. It was 2 Corinthians 5;17 which says;

‘Therefore, if any man be in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away behold all things have become new’.

She had always known that scripture ever since she gave her life to Christ. She loved it because it was the tool she used against the devil whenever he brought condemning thoughts her way. But she didn’t understand why in recent times, it repeatedly dropped in her spirit.

“Father, take the wheel, whatever this is about, please just take control,” she prayed as she stood up from her knees, the position she loved to take whenever she wanted to pray.


It was Thursday morning, she had not seen Emma since the Wednesday of the previous week.

He had informed her that he wasn’t going to be able to make it to church on Sunday but what he failed to tell her was the ‘why’. He wasn’t done trashing things out in the place of prayer. That Sunday, he attended a church nearby.  

Although Favour felt a bit disappointed, she didn’t question his decision. She knew she had missed him but was cautious in relating with him. She had to be careful not to allow emotions cloud her judgment and also not to appear desperate or too forward. She decided not be the one to initiate any conversation.

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Emma wondered if he should call Favour to discuss what was on his mind or wait till they met on Sunday. He finally made up his decision and placed a call to her. She picked after the second ring.

“Hi Favour”

“Hi Emma, how have you been?”

“Been good. You?”

“I’ve been good too. So what’s up?” she asked wanting to know if there any specific reason for the call.

Emma tried to suppress his level of apprehension which he could feel rising.

 “Errmm Favour, there is something important I’ll like to talk to you about.” He paused for her response.

“Ok” she wondered what could be so important. “When and where will you like us to meet?”

“Is 5pm today ok? Same restaurant?”

“Yeah its fine.”

“Alright then, see you in the evening.”

“Take care”

Favour couldn’t help but wonder what Emma wanted to talk to her about. She thought of so many possibilities.

“Does he want to ask me out? Am I even ready for that? God hasn’t given me a go ahead or anything concrete to hold on to. Lord what can this be about?”

She didn’t get a response perhaps because she wasn’t exactly expecting any or because God didn’t want to be the one to leak Emma’s secret.

Favour arrived the restaurant by 5pm on the dot. She got in and met Emma already seated. He looked calm but she could tell there was something on his mind, something was obviously bothering him.

“Hi Emma, sorry for keeping you waiting. I didn’t think you’d be here before five.” she said with a smile.

“Hey Favour. No problem at all. You didn’t keep you waiting,’ he said as he stood up to greet her.

“How has your day been?” She asked as she took her seat.

“Good. I was indoors till this evening,” he tried hard to cover up his anxiety which was beginning to build. He sighed deeply.

“Are you ok, is something bothering you? Why did you sigh so heavily?” She asked with concern.

He knew the time had finally come to let it out. “Favour there is something you need to know.”

Favour couldn’t wait to hear what it was. “Ok…I’m all ears.”

“Favour, I want you to know that I’m not the kind of guy that beats around the bush or toils with ladies’ emotions. I’m intentional about my dealings especially when it comes to the opposite sex. These past few days, I’ve been really careful not to say or do anything irresponsible. The truth is really like you. There is this strong attraction I have towards you and it’s not just because you are beautiful, it’s beyond that. Your love for God trips me, you have a golden heart and a cheerful spirit.” He paused and tried to read the expression on her face. It was priceless, her smile lightened the whole place. That should have encouraged him but he knew he had not yet said all that was on his mind. He prayed he’ll still be able to get that smile when he was done talking.

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Favour obviously liked the sweet words she heard coming from him. She however wanted to be sure where he was going.

“Since the day we met, not a day has gone by without me talking to God about you because I didn’t want to lead you on wrongly. I don’t believe in the ‘trial and error’ dating thing, so I had to be 100% sure what God was saying.” He paused. Looking straight into her eyes and not mincing words he said, “Favour, I love you”.

Favour didn’t see that coming. She was shocked to her bones. She didn’t know how to react or what to say. A thousand and one thoughts ran through her mind at the same time. “Am I dreaming? Is this really happening?” she thought to herself.

Emma didn’t wait for Favour to speak but continued “I love you and want to start a relationship with you, a relationship headed towards marriage”.

Favour froze in her sit, still speechless.

“And just if you are wondering, I have prayed about it and I’m so convinced you are God’s gift to me. You can take your time to pray about it too but first there is something about me you need to know.” He sighed and his countenance fell.

Favour noticed it and became concerned. “Emma what is it?”

“My past. I have a terrible past that I am not proud of, I did things I deeply regret,” he looked down, then looked back up and continued speaking.

“I know God has forgiven me but it’s also important I tell you the whole truth and keep nothing from you. I met Christ in 300 level but before then I lived a wayward life in school. I had a girlfriend who got pregnant for me and decided to keep the pregnancy so as I speak to you, I have a ten year old son. His name is Boluwatife. He lives with his mother but I cater for his welfare.”

Favour listened to all he had to say. Instead of feeling disappointed, she felt rather pleased that he opened up to her. Again, the scripture 2 Corinthians 5:17 dropped in her spirit. “Holy Spirit, so that’s why that scripture has been coming repeatedly,” she thought within her.

“Emma, I don’t have the words to describe how I feel right now,” she began. “So much has been said, but let me first say that I appreciate your honesty and openness. You certainly had a bad past but if God doesn’t hold it against you then who am I to do such? As long as you are now in Christ, old things have passed away.”

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Emma gave a sigh of relief as a gentle smile broke out on his face. “Thank you,” he said and allowed her to continue speaking.

Looking a bit shy and with a smile, she went on. “With regards to your desire for us to start a relationship, just give me some time.”

 Then she added with a smile, “don’t worry I won’t keep you waiting for too long.”

Emma chuckled and felt a sense of relief. He knew the burden of his past was lifted and silently prayed it won’t alter her decision about the relationship.

“Can you imagine? We haven’t even placed our orders. I’m just beginning to feel the hunger pangs now,” he said

“Me too,” she picked up the menu from the table while Emma signaled to the waiter. They placed their orders, ate and left.

Two Sundays later, with days to Emma’s return trip, Favour told him that she would like them to hang out after church. They decided to go to park which was about an hour’s drive from church. Favour parked her car in church and they went together in Emma’s car.

As they took a stroll in the park holding their popcorn and ice cream, Favour stopped and looked at Emma.

“Emmanuel,” she called his name in full. “I’ve spent the last few days thinking and praying about what you said the other day’.”

Emma’s heart rate gradually increased.

“I’m willing and ready to start this journey with you and God, not our past, will be our foundation. We are going to put the past behind us and look forward to the glorious future.” she smiled.

Emma had never felt such joy. He was speechless. He looked straight into her eyes with a smile beaming all over his face. “Thank you, thank you so much Favour. You are indeed God’s gift to me. I love you so much.”

Favour smiled “I love you too.” She said softly.

Emma couldn’t believe his ears, “is this really happening?” He was so excited. “Let’s commit our relationship into God’s hand.”

He said a word of prayer and Favour responded with “amen.”

The following week, he travelled back. It was initially hard being apart but they found a way to cope with it. He was there for six months after which he rounded off his PhD and relocated to Nigeria. A year later they got married and by the next year, they had a baby boy Favour encouraged her husband to invite Bolu to spend time with him during his holidays.


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Emmanuela Mike-Bamiloye

Emmanuela is a trained Medical Doctor and a seasoned writer. She expresses God's love on a daily basis through the simplest situations that surround her.

  • Yetunde Oni-orisan
    Posted at 20:00h, 24 October Reply

    This is a beautiful story. Thank you, sis ella for taking out the time to write this series, I’ve learnt quite a lot, which I might not be able to write out. I just want you to know that your writings are inspiring, and educative. And, it’s filled with lots of lessons every female has to learn. Thank you so much

  • Olaniyi Esther
    Posted at 09:57h, 27 October Reply

    A wonderful piece, thanks for this ma’am. Hmm, it’s better to build a relationship on a clean slate than keeping ugly pasts that would surely ruin things on the most beautiful day. I really learnt a great deal from this. May God grant us the grace to come out true and honest.
    More inspirations more.

  • Emmanuella Dorcas Amoah
    Posted at 23:08h, 24 November Reply

    Wowwwww !!! Godly principles unleashed. GOD bless you very much always, woman of God.

  • Mercy Akinsuyi
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    Thank you ma

    This story is an eye opener to what God can do if we hold on to him

    God bless you ma

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